Wie umgehen mit hohen Emotionen bei Reorganisationsprozessen?

13.08.2019 11:32:40
Ist Ihre Organisation oder Unternehmen auch in einem Re-Organisations-Prozess, wo viele und starke Emotionen hochkommen und eine inhaltliche Diskussion fast nicht mehr gelingt? Dann inspiriert Sie vielleicht folgendes Zitat von IPA-Dozent und Organisationsberater Lukas Hohler. Starke Worte - wow!

«I for one understand that in a re-organziation process, we are all responsible for managing our own emotions. Meaning: Feeling hurt and dominated - is an emotional response that can happen to all of us, yet we are all called to take individual responsibility for reflecting on it, before getting responsive. We are all challenged to depersonalize what we experience and to understand and redefine ourselves as part of a field that is re-organizing itself. In order to do so, I start off by understanding that strong feelings are mostly for myself to deal with and to remind myself of my own journey and my inner attitudes towards myself. If - after holding and reflecting my emotional response - I still feel that behind my feelings there is decisive information that is needed for the whole field to move forward - I would find a way to feed this information (not my bare emotions) back into the field. Committing to a process along these lines helps to create emotional safety for everybody and supports an atmosphere where no unprocessed ghosts are blocking the development of the organization. I believe it can work.»
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